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Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

What data do I take and keep and why do I need it?

Name and age of client and those with parental responsibility: This is basic information that I take at referral stage that helps me get to know you.

Address, email, contact number: This is to enable me to contact you regarding you or your child’s sessions.

Medical diagnosis, prescribed medication and known allergies of client: This is to ensure my clients wellbeing at all times and makes me aware of any pre-existing conditions that may occur during sessions.

Doctors details: If I am worried that my client is at risk I may need to contact their doctor, if I can this will be discussed with my client and for those under 13 the person with parental responsibility that has signed the contract.

Brief description of referral: This allows us to make a decision as to whether counselling with me is the right decision for the client.

Procedure of data collection and storage

I receive information via text messages and email. I do not have encrypted email or text facilities. Therefore, on speaking with either the client or those holding parental responsibility that have made the referral emails are printed and deleted. On agreeing and signing the contract your referral form along with any printed emails are attached with your signed contract and filed in a locked cabinet. Any further correspondence by email is again printed and then deleted.

I make session notes after each session these are allocated with a unique code and are not identifiable to the client; these are also stored in a lockable cabinet.

I have clients and/or those that have signed the contract as having parental responsibility, contact numbers stored in a locked cabinet. I store these against their unique code and so are not identifiable to enhance confidentiality.

I am bound by my business insurance to keep files along with referrals for 10 years after therapy ceases.

If you decide not to go ahead with therapy I will keep any information you have shared for 30 days before destroying it unless you inform me that you would like it destroyed earlier.

 Sharing of data

It is unlikely that I will share your data.

I will not sell it or use it for unethical reasons.

I do have a legal obligation to share information in compliance with a court order, concerns over child protection and information or knowledge of fraud drug trafikking or acts of terrorism.

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